Heads High

A Whisper says:

There’s no shame in defeat,

When you fought valiantly.

In competitions, there will always be a losing side. The victors can celebrate their glory while the vanquished can celebrate their courageous stand.

The American squad, as well as all the eliminated national teams, that provided their best efforts should not go home ashamed. They should be welcomed back like heroes, congratulated for a job done and thanked for representing their countries in a peaceful, worthy cause.

Losing is a humbling experience but not the end of the world. It is a motivation to ponder limitations. It is one reason to persevere. It is an idea to keep a dream alive, that one day can be realized.

To all the players who participated in the World Cup, I thank you. You have taught us the value of sacrifice.



13 thoughts on “Heads High

  1. I agree. Except for the dude who bit the other dude. He should be ashamed. And banned from the sport and pay done heavy fines. And whatever other punishment is appropriate.

    1. Hahaha! I want to make a post about it but I decided not to. It could have been a funny poke. 🙂
      He made a mistake so he had to suffer the consequences. In fairness though, he raised his countrymen’s hopes and dreams during the games. For that, he, too, should be thanked. 🙂

  2. I personally think Clint Dempsey should be hung up by his feet for missing two goals that were fed directly to him at the end of the game. Jose wouldn’t have missed them.
    Did you know that the guy that did score the goal was 19? His mom still drives him to practice and most people thought he was a wasted spot on the team. Then he scores a goal in the world cup.
    In other news I hope the Dutch win. 😀

    1. As I said my post Round, the ball is round. 🙂
      If Clint Dempsey did not score a goal in USA’s opening match, then everything could be different. A chain reaction of events. In the heat of the moment, anything is possible, A sure win could be a terrible loss in a few seconds.
      Holland is a good team. They had to pass Costa Rica first. After that either Argentina or Belgium will try to stop them.
      My forecast: France vs Belgium in the Finals.

      1. No way! Belgium absolutely cannot beat Argentina. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. Why do you have to disagree with me Belsbror! I want the Dutch in the finals. Make it happen! LOL
        You are correct though about everything changing in minutes in the beautiful game.

      2. Hear me out.
        The last game of Holland was a scare against Mexico. Costa Rica has similar style like Brazil. In a way, Holland must change its strategy. Van Persie was ineffective because he was closely guarded.
        Argentina on the other hand is all about Messi. Take him out of the equation and his team will crumble. Belgium has a lot of superstar players, There considered the dark horse in the pre-tournament betting.
        Or, I am totally wrong with my analysis. 😀
        I hope Holland reached the Finals against France.

      3. Okay, Van Persie was ineffective. True, but you have to admit that when Sneijder gets it in his mind that he is going to get a goal there seems to be no force on earth that is going to stop him from getting that goal. Give him five shots. Just five and one of those is going in; this in turn riles Robben up who just happens to be the most artistic penalty drawer in the world. I mean did you see that beautiful dance at the end of that game? AH! THAT is what makes it the beautiful game!
        True about Argentina. I just think that Argentina can possibly pull it off. I really think it’s a toss up of who will win that game. It will be interesting to see. Belgium does have the chemistry that Argentina lacks and Messi needs at least ten feet to get his cadence… Knowing that he will be thoroughly marked and covered.
        I don’t want France to win simply because their tactic is to always revert to playing the blind side of the ref when they start losing and though it is a legitimate tactic I think it’s a dirty way to win. Hmmmmpppfff…..
        Anyway it will definitely be fun to watch.

      4. Now, we’re talking! 😀
        If Holland has to win, they have to score in the first half. If not, it’s like Mexico all over again. I bet Snejder will be a marked man. Roeben should take it easy with his falling all over. He was lucky he did not get sanctioned for admitting he dove the first two instances. Penalty shoot outs is a pain. A toss up always on who is luckier or who has the best goal keeper.
        Messi is Messi. He will score if given the chance. But football is an eleven-man sport. He needs support to win against the Belgian who are hungrier than a horse. 😀
        If Colombia wins against Brazil (Neymar is said to be injured), they will face France, who as of this moment is favorite against Germany. Seven German players including Mueller are supposed to be ill with flu. If that’s true, Bensema and his mates will run rings around them.
        If you read my post Glory Lost, I missed only two guesses. In the post Round, I explained my guesses. You can review it again and tell me what you think. 😀

      5. I have read all your posts regarding the world cup that’s why I said make it happen! LOL. Penalty shootouts are a pain. Johnny will hardly watch them. He was an attacking midfielder and a good one at that so he still has flashbacks and pk’s make him ill. lol. It really is no fun. The only time I recall enjoying pk’s is watching St. Iker with his intuitive weird gift. He would jump before they even kicked the ball.
        Messi is Messi. I can’t argue with that.
        I don’t know much about Columbia or Brazil. I haven’t really watched them play… so we’ll take your word on that.
        Now, I did not know that the Germans were sick with the flu. That sort of puts a damper on things… :/ You are right, if it’s true they will run circles around them. Especially, in the Brazilian heat.
        Since it’s the theme of the day I will answer this way. My mind says you are right, but my heart wants the Dutch to win. 🙂

      6. I have to sleep now. Thank you for the entertaining exchange, I have no one here who talks football. Everyone likes basketball. 😦 It would be great if Holland wins. I like Ruud Gullit back then. 😀 Goodnight to both of you. Blessings belsbror

        On Thu, Jul 3, 2014 at 11:50 PM, belsbror wrote:


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