Who? Me? Nope. Couldn’t fill the shoes. 😀

I envied a classmate of mine who epitomized the image. Not only he drove his own car to school (as he was barely fifteen at the time) alone, he had money to spend as if his family owned a bank. To complete the picture, he sometimes brought over his girlfriend who was seven years older than the rest of us.

Needless to say, I tried not to show my frustrations for not being at par. I kept my distance so as not to appear like a drooling fan of his.

Some people are luckier I guess. Given the material wealth with countless ways to seek pleasure, they could not see a future of despair, unlikely to experience difficulties for years to come.

Or so I thought.

The next thing I knew, he was gone. For days, he did not attend classes. We wondered where he was or what happened to him.

Weeks later, the explanation came. He was in a rehabilitation center to cure his addiction. Not content with the simple pleasures in life, his money brought him misery when he fell to taking prohibited drugs.

I felt sorry for him. Inattention from parents who knew how to make money but not how to raise a child became his undoing. He was bereft of parental love that he looked for it somewhere artificial.

I, too, learned an important lesson. Even if I lacked the extras in life, I should be thankful I have a family who is always present to guide me.



16 thoughts on “Playboy

  1. Amen!! The love of family and/or friends far outweighs the things the world thinks they need to be fulfilled. Well said….I hope he eventually learned this valuable lesson. Great post. 🙂 ~Skye

  2. A great post once again with such an important lesson on life and appreciating what we have…family, love, shelter and food both for our bodies and the love nourishes the soul, the mind and the heart.thanks for sharing

    1. I learned many lessons from simple incidents. Back then, I was always looking for meaning in everything that happened. I could not let opportunity passed without analyzing the good or the bad in a situation.

      1. I still analyze some of the events that puzzled me then. So, I write about them with a different perspective. Yeah, you can say I am learning to acquire wisdom. Priorities form part of that acquisition.

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