Denied Life

Animals belong to the wide spaces of their natural habitat, free to do what Nature has designed them: predators hunt while their preys flee, following the rule of survival of the fittest.

Animals do not belong in the concrete jungle. Animals who pretend to be humans, following the rule of survival of only those they see fit. Their selection process reigns supreme but without basis according to the prevailing rule of law.

I was appalled to watch a news segment this evening. Another college student, enrolled in a major exclusive school, fell victim to the selection process of animals looking like men. His lifeless body, battered, bruised and concussed, was given the full treatment of hazing.

Fraternity owed its history to the Greeks. (Sorority is the female version.) Their names, to this day, comes from combinations of Greek letters, reminding them of the illustrious origin of the so-called brotherhood. Its ideals pure, its goals humane, its vision notable. That was then.

The genuine meaning of brotherhood nowadays had lost its luster. Once violent activities dictate who should be in or out, the animal instincts of supposed leaders would be unleashed, taking charge of the lives of hopeful recruits whose primary wish is to be considered a new brother.

If you lead a fraternity, ask yourself, why hazing?

Truthfully, will you subject to physical, mental and psychological pain and suffering another person to test him of loyalty and dedication? Are you such a character of high esteem to screen people that should pass your standard?

Honestly, are you out of your mind?



22 thoughts on “Denied Life

  1. I am against ALL violence of any nature. I continually do not understand this race called humans as they continually act out in horrendous ways, not only against one another, but the Whole as well. LOVE is the answer. When are humans going to get it? xx Amy

  2. Life has a violence of its own, in just the process of it. How ridiculous to make violence part of a fraternity membership! Is there nothing better to focus on? I completely agree, people like this have not learned the proper lessons of life by the time they reach a position where they enact violence on others simply for exclusivity in a fraternity. Out of their minds they are!

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