No Trespassing! Private Property!

Whenever I see those four words in a sign board, I often wonder how land ownership came about. History books taught me about indigenous people, colonization, slavery, wars and independence. One way or another, these topics described how the shaping of our present day boundaries came to be.

There are even countries who not only claim land but the seas as well. If we follow their logic based on historical records they produced, a large part of the planet is theirs. Otherwise, like any country within the United Nations’ organization, every member nation should adhere to international law and settle for arbitration if need be.

Currently there are conflicts in many parts of the world where the question of land ownership is indirectly associated. There are several peripheral reasons that are hyped in the media but I think it all boils down to securing control of a particular spot in the contested zone.

Of course, the control of land (or sea) means control of natural resources underneath it. So every claim is based on economic agenda. Other than that are but smokescreens to hide the real motive.

And if we want to have an out of this world example, news agencies reported that some countries are trying to go to another planet and stake claim to it before others beat them to the race.

What if an alien race arrives to our world and stake their claim to our planet citing much older universal records? Should we bow down and surrender our rights?



12 thoughts on “Access

  1. Right now, peoples who live in very rural and remote parts of Hungary and Romania are losing lands because they must prove they own them in order to be able to sell agricultural products. If you don’t own your land, you cannot sell milk, for example. It’s the biggest baloney that the EU has instituted. Lands that my family has been on for two thousand years we have no right to, and cannot sell from. People become impoverished until they are forced to move to towns and people fight for claims to land. The Sami Natives in Northern Europe deal with some of these same issues. Land grabs find clever ways of removing the native hunters, herders, and foragers, who move about the land according to migration patterns and seasons. Living off the land, not much money can be made from these peoples, so the connection to land is broken in various ways and overtime, still filtered into the economic systems that be. It is still happening, even to the Natives in America. An ongoing process of privatization of water sources is happening everywhere right now too. There is a point, that systems of colonization and resource removal is running out of places to go. The breaking of people and their native cultures all over the globe is the newest conquest of globalization to further line people up into economic systems still based on taking everything possible from people.I feel very raw about this issue because of my particular heritage where these things are very recent and are happening right now.

    I am not against the positive aspects of globalization, like communication and sharing of information and certain technologies and art around the world….but the economic globalization is another matter. It is still based on colonization principles. Here in America, we are fighting for our own access to public lands and water, Other places on the planet have lost those refuges. It is wrong to deny water to people, the resources within lands that belong to the people living there.

    Will people learn to stop supporting such systems that dehumanize others and deny them land and resources? Are resources really all put on earth just for the benefit of corporations?

    1. I share your sentiments against economic opportunism that has been going on for centuries. It would seem that indigenous peoples always get the raw deal because they do not follow legislated laws that provide proof of ownership of the land. These laws are meant to steal away their lands.
      I agree that globalization is not all that bad. It is the leaders, who possess wrong agendas, who are making globalization a monster.
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

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