Rise Up

Given the chance to prosper, are you willing to work hard and sacrifice habits that pull you down?

Observing some of the older families here from the time I arrived up to the present, some had progressed materially. Overall, their standard of living was raised accordingly.

Former houses made of wood are now built of concrete. Dried cogon leaves (a type of grass) that were dried and used as roofing materials are seldom used now. Instead prefabricated tin sheets came into general use. New appliances populated the interior of more spacious houses.

On the other hand, there are others who are resigned to their static lives, housed in the same old styled huts and denied the amenities of modern living.

They had opportunities given them but then most of the heads of the families are contented to what we call locally as one-scratch-one-eat mentality, just like what free-range chickens do to survive. To worsen that, they cling on to the poor practice of drinking the night away. Instead of food for the table, money is spent on drinks.

The drinking is only part of the problem. The anxiety it brings to the whole family doubles if the drunk becomes violent. The culture sticks that in a matter of years, children grow to replace their fathers with similar behaviors. It is literally history repeating itself.

If you ask both groups, they will readily claim that they are satisfied with their lives. The former possesses the validation for such statement while the latter tries to sing the same tune just to hide the disappointment of not rising above the level of impoverishment.

It is always the children I am concerned about. It is sad that  they miss the opportunity for a better future when the parents that are supposed to mold them as responsible humans become their slaver to pin them down to a harsh life.



11 thoughts on “Rise Up

  1. The last paragraph is very important today in many countries. USA is one of them. However, the situation is even worse as many childeren today in our country live only with one parent.

  2. A similar version occurs here in Ireland. Everyone worldwide know we have a strong drink culture that is handed down in families. But occasionally some break out of the tradition.

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