Except for American football and rugby, all balls are round. Figuratively, that sums up how sports provide entertainment and excitement to players and spectators alike.

Literally, all teams have equal chances of winning (and losing) even if there are great odds involved. We can cite statistics and play patterns but then we cannot predict lucky breaks and magical shots.

From my post Glory Lost, I listed eight teams that could enter the final eight. Only one (Italy) was my miss so far.

You might ask, “what’s the basis for my forecast?” Whispers. 🙂

Brazil vs Chile – A heart-stopper of a game. Brazil wins by one goal.

Netherlands vs Mexico – If the Mexicans can hold Brazil to a scoreless draw, they can knock out Holland with an upset via penalty shootout.

Colombia vs Uruguay – With Suarez suspended, the Colombians will have a striker less as a threat to winning comfortably. Two goals winning margin. (I guessed that Italy would top Group C so they could have played Ivory Coast. Both guesses were wrong.)

Costa Rica vs Greece – The Cinderella run of the Costa Ricans could stop as Greece finally finds its form. A win for either team in regulation.

France vs Nigeria – Not favorites to win the Cup, France would defy the odds by beating Nigeria first and its opponent next in the quarterfinals.

Argentina vs Switzerland – Messi-led Argentina could squeak past the Swiss.

Germany vs Algeria – The powerhouse Germans would waltz their way to the quarterfinals.

Belgium vs USA – The underdog would surprise the favorite. But Belgium could win it in a penalty shootout.

Remenber, as an avid spectator, I always consider the ball round. 😀



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