Music Overload

Earphones, check! Tapping foot on the floor, hands on the desk. Closed eyes, mimicking without sound, seated body swaying from side to side while strumming the invisible guitar.

Heaven is on earth right now! 😀

“It’s my life!” (Live)

Sorry for being too engrossed on writing offline. I just want to say hello to all of you, guys and gals.

“Always” (Live) (Accoustic)

I will love you all, always.

“You give love a bad name” (Accoustic)

Sing it, slow. (No offense)

“Thank you for loving me”

Raise your hands! Feel it!

“I’ll be there for you”

See! I won’t be away for long.


Typing that romantic segment.

“A New Day!”

Why do I suddenly imagine a horde of horses. running free?

 “Please Forgive Me”

Will you?

“Hotel California” (Accoustic long version)

The best guitar intro in my book!

See you all later, guys and gals! I have to take a break. My hair is growing longer, if you follow my drift. 😀



12 thoughts on “Music Overload

  1. I just stumbled in here, having tripped on the threshold, which segued into my awkward sidestep dance. Then my boyfriend grabbed the mike and karaoked all the words to your songs. Awesome party man, awesome.

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