Jumping Jack

Before sunset I could only sigh while waiting for the power to be restored. Five consecutive days of predicting when an outage would happen, we began to suspect that this scenario would play out without adequate warning.

To amuse myself, while the kerosene-fed homemade lantern sat on the table top, ably lighting the quiet kitchen, I watched the antics of my two cats. (What do you call nearly identical cats, save for their age and tail difference? Failed clones?)

Two small grasshoppers and a number of high-flying moths became their targets. They actively ran and jumped after them with no success. Their humorous acrobatics proved more than enough to console me while forgetting a while the subject of my irritation.

The older cat did a vertical jump from the floor to the kitchen sink, a three-and-half foot leap that looked so effortlessly done. In my mind, if the cat could do it, why couldn’t I?

You know I hate using the word stupid but I think it’s allowed when it pertained to one’s action just like the nonsense of a stunt I was about to perform.

As you might guessed correctly, I risked for an accident to happen. I did not know why I did it but perhaps the thrill of victory was more influential than being safe.

Copying the cat’s feat, my left foot missed the ledge that I came down crashing hard on the cement floor. My two cats watched helplessly, their eyes wide with incredulity.

Aray!!!! (Sorry I cannot say it in English. It would lose its meaning.)

Not so much harm done. As you can see, I can still type. 😀

But, no more jumping for me in the meantime. I am not a lover of pain.



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