Hands Squared

Tired of sitting down for hours, I decided to stretch my legs and stroll through the orchard. I wanted also to rest my eyes by staring at the greenery. The respite could clear the short writer’s block I encountered earlier.

Walking barefoot, I was unfortunately struck by a natural splinter. It was one of the tiniest thorns from a crawling plant with that bashful pink flowers. And, it’s painful as hell when pressed deeper while walking.

I often hear the phrase, “Please be careful with my heart.”  As a reminder next time, I should say, “Please be careful with my feet.” It’s not funny because I spent half an hour removing the thorn that nearly paralyzed the rest of my work.

Sometimes, I could only imagine every permutation concerning human feet. Why not have claws like birds so we could hold tightly to something, or hooves like horses have so we could run faster or paws like those with cats and dogs? We could do away with walking erectly and be as graceful as animals do.

I remember that woman in the film Aeon Flux who had four hands. She intrigued me no end that I kind of thought how cool it could be like her. I could be eating while my feet which are hands too could be surfing the net, typing with ease while blogging. 😀

That would certainly be called multi-tasking. 😀



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