What time is it?

Ask this question and you’ll probably get several different answers. 🙂

During my high school days, I was too preoccupied with time. Why? Everything was this and that for if I became late, there was a corresponding consequence to bear.

But one time, I did a personal experiment. I heard the announcer on the radio reporting about the Philippine Standard time. So, I reset my old-fashioned automatic watch (more popular then before the quartz watches took over). I was a bit proud to know exactly what time it was.

In school, I asked the guard at the gate the time. His answer was ten minutes late compared to mine. That’s one point for me. Even if I was ten minutes late, I would have been on time.

Five of my classmates had different answers, varying in minutes but all was ahead compared to what my watch showed. They reasoned out it was the best option not be late: set their watches in advance.

Then, our instructor came. He rushed inside the room, flipping open the textbook even before he could take a seat.

“I am glad I got here on time,” he smiled, staring at his digital quartz watch.

I did not know what had gotten a hold on me that I quipped, “I am sorry, sir, but you’re late.”

Everyone fell quiet. There was hell to pay for my side remark.

“What time is it, then?” Our instructor closed the book quietly.

I told him. My face had no trace of victory.

“Okay, take out a piece of paper. We’re going to have a quiz. Your good classmate here will give you exactly twenty minutes to finish.”

I felt everyone’s angry stares were on my person. If they were suns’ rays and I was a candle, I could have melted right there and then.

The next day I did not wear any watch nor said anything about the time. 🙂



8 thoughts on “Timing

  1. Some authority figures take it personally if you point out they are late, while they expect you to be early every time. I once had a boss use the US Official Time website to mark the moment employees walked through the door. We heard about it even if we were 30 second late. Like I’m going to get that much more work done in 30 seconds.

  2. Reblogged this on Smorgasbord – Variety is the spice of life and commented:
    Time – I have no idea where it went, why it whizzes past so quickly the older you get and realistically I have less left than I have behind me. My husband stopped wearing a watch ten years ago – if he wants to check the time he uses his phone or computer. I wear one because I like to keep an eye on where the day is going and we tend to have lunch around the same time and I have things to do. However, increasingly I am falling into the habit of seeing where the sun is during the day and can usually judge to within 30 minutes what time it is. Enjoyed this very much.

    1. It’s good to hear I am not alone. That habit of yours of seeing the sun’s position in the sky to tell the time has been my practice ever since I moved to the province. Watches or any electronic gadgets do not belong in field work. 😀
      Thank you for the re-blog. 🙂

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