Burning Money

I was at the town site this morning to visit civilization. There was nothing new I guess because everything seemed to be the same like the last time I bought my supply purchases a month ago,

What I noticed that changed was the proliferation of more passenger tricycles that ferried people to different destinations. This came about due to the increased population of a developing rural community.

Tricycles, for your information, are motorcycles that are fitted with locally-constructed sidecars. They’re popular because of their smaller size that could negotiate narrow roads. This type of transportation, like the jeepneys, are examples of Filipino ingenuity.

But the issue I want to raise here is about fuel consumption. Due to rising costs of crude oil, us in a Third World country have no recourse but to import from oil-producing countries. After the middlemen added their expenses, local prices increased accordingly, at times several days apart.

I observed that many tricycles plying their route often carry one passenger, which in the normal case could sit four.  Add the driver and the back rider, a tricycle could carry six in all. In terms of fuel use, the current set up looked more like wasting scant resources. Imagine it as money not well spent.

Methinks, modern transportation provide us an alternative from walking long distances to comfortable travel. However, that does not prove economically wise if we do not use it properly. Instead, we not only waste large sums of money but also help hurt the environment due to our man-made pollution.



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