Wishing Star

Air pollution in the city had been a constant reminder to the ill effects of modernization. The use of fossil fuels in transportation, industries and even in homes contributed to the heavy smog residents had to endure in their daily lives.

Some of the night activities I recalled when I was a boy was star gazing. We were lucky back then to watch clearer skies, enjoying the twinkling stars while identifying them in their places in the sky. There was never a dull moment especially when on occasions bright shooting stars appeared out of nowhere.

All those childhood activities were revived when I moved to an air-pollution-free province. The sky looked much similar to what I remembered plus a healthy environment to boot. I could once again enjoy the magic of watching heavenly bodies, admiring their beauty without hindrance.

Yesterday, when there was a power outage, I went out to view my personal wishing star. I made the choice in jest to myself that everything I wish for would come true if I just concentrate enough. It was like praying to the supernatural to intervene in terrestrial affairs.

Half hour later, my wish was granted. I was so happy that I promise to view the same star every evening, good weather permitting, and proclaim my devotion.

What was my wish, you ask? Restoration of power so I could blog. 🙂



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