Hide and Seek

Ever played the game before? I bet almost all of you experienced the joy and excitement this playful activity brings.

This morning I played the game with an inanimate object. No, seriously. You read correctly. ๐Ÿ™‚

I remembered placing the house main door key in a flower pot not far from the entrance. This was considered a routine whenever I go out to ensure I would not lose it outside while doing field work. I had a difficult time looking for it once when it slipped out of my pant’s pocket.

I did manage to work for a few hours before the rains came. Not to stay idle while waiting for the downpour to stop, inside the balcony I rearranged the flower pots and cleaned the area of dried leaves. It was a chore I often bypassed due mainly to procrastination.

Hours later, after a lengthy chat with a friend about local politics, I decided to go inside to eat lunch. It would have been a straightforward routine in my schedule had I found the key immediately.

With a hungry stomach I was angry at myself for losing track of a small but very essential tool for a worry-free living. Being trapped outside the house was a nightmare knowing fully that food was inside waiting to be devoured.

Before I yelled out to no one, I calmed myself. Visualizing where I last saw it in my mind, I tried but I could not. In desperation, I replaced the flower pots to their original spots to jog my memory.ย It was mental torture.

But fortunately, in my attempt to hope for the impossible, I twisted the door knob. Voila! It was open. I forgot to lock the door. ๐Ÿ˜€

I found the key an hour later after an uneasy lunch. It was in a pile of dried leaves I took out from the balcony. Obviously, it fell from the flower pot during the rearranging.



12 thoughts on “Hide and Seek

      1. LOL. You are just the sweetest. If you saw my house…Good golly! I feel so behind on everything. I called over a teenager to play with my boy in 30 min so I can try and touch my blog this wk!

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