Henry jumped in front of Ding’s gun before it fired. He took the bullet that was supposed to kill the hostage.

“I am sorry.”

He began to fall to the ground, clutching his chest. The pain dulled his senses to the point he could only hear his own words. He was unaware the policeman he saved clutched him hard to prevent further damage to his body.

His blurred vision could only notice quick movements. He was beginning to imagine what it would be like to leave this earthly place of misery.

“Listen! Anyone of you know this man?” Police Officer 1 Galino yelled hoarsely. He could not do anything but cradle his savior in his arms. “Oh! God! Please save him!”

A woman separated from the onlookers. She hesitantly moved closer toward the duo on the ground.

“I know him,” Helena said, kneeling down, tears streaming down her face. “We talked this morning.”

Henry heard the words faintly. Her voice forced his eyes to open.

“Hey!’ he wanted his voice to sound happy but he coughed out the words with much difficulty. “You really look lovely today.”

She touched him on the forehead, combing his hair with her fingers, soothing him to alleviate whatever pain he felt. He did not resemble the character everyone liked to hate.

“Remember, you promise to see me again?” Helena wished she could turn back time. She felt awful, recalling how she treated him earlier.

“I can’t do that,” Henry said softly. His pale face expressed resignation to his fate. “I am sorry.”

“You will not die!” PO1 Galino was almost hysterical. He shook him carefully, keeping Henry awake till the ambulance arrived. “Oh God! Please save him!”

Helena moved her face closer to Henry’s. She whispered, in between sobs, “Please live.”

Henry forced himself to a smile. His will to live had already left him when he went out his house earlier.

“It’s a good day.” he expelled his last words in this world.



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