I slept late early this morning. That meant I had only two hours of my normal six in bed. Often, when this is the case, I usually feel drowsy after lunch. It is also an excuse to follow the practice we copied from the Spaniards: taking the afternoon siesta. πŸ™‚

I chose the safety of the rest house to escape any spoiler to my nap. I did not want surprises.

A bit tired from the short field work and hearty meal afterwards provided the right ingredients to fall easily to sleep. A cloudy day also meant less heat with a soothing southwestern wind passing through the airy hut.

Then, a dream. Or a nightmare. You tell me later. πŸ˜€

I had the variation of my kumpare’s wet dreamΒ in a dry space. It would have been better if I got the identical scenario but mine had a different twist.

I found myself in the lobby of hotel where a beauty pageant was to take place. Candidates from all over the world were represented. They were busy checking their casual wear before the presentation.

Naturally, I was overjoyed being in the company of beautiful women. I could imagine myself bragging to all my friends how lucky I was to be surrounded by sirens without fish tails.

Then, the program began. One by one, the contestants were called in in alphabetical order. When letter P came, I was excited to see our representative climbing the stage.

Everyone was waiting. I began to be concerned that our candidate will lose by default.

Someone shook my arm. I was startled so I checked out who it was. Her words confused me.

“Go, girl! It’s your turn!”

What??? It was only then that I noticed I wore a sash with the word Philippines boldly imprinted on it. I wanted to scream.

Someone shook me several times.

“Ninong, wake up! Father needs your help!”

I rose up from the bamboo bed as if I was on fire. I was thankful to be awake. πŸ™‚



22 thoughts on “Fantasy

  1. Sometimes, dreams are only dreams. Sometimes they are messages. Sometimes you dream you are sitting in your underwear in your old schoolroom, office, a theater. Last night was a night for strange dreams for me. it took me a whole cup of coffee to get ride of them.

      1. It seems whenever I have dreams about animals, they are in distress and I can’t help them. I don’t like those dreams. people dreams – mostly are just weird. I’ve gotten so I don’t like remembering my dreams.

      2. Whenever I have a lot of anxiety, I dream about the helpless animals…so another reason I don’t like the dreaming of that. The other I dreamed my father gave my mother and me some odd, but nice necklaces. One of those little quickies.

      3. Before I sleep, I let go of negative thoughts. I think of good memories when I close my eyes. This works for me. Perhaps, you can give it a try.

      4. I shall certainly try. I always do my nightly devotions and prayers before going to bed that often helps but unfortunately, we can ‘t control what sneaks in while we are asleep. I start my days with my prayers and devotions and that always gets a good start to the day.

  2. hmmm… when someone in your dream gives you a usually pertains to something you’ve been ignoring or pondering.Consider the words and whats been going on lately

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