Glory Lost

One of the best leagues I try to watch is La Liga. You can’t blame me because Messi and Ronaldo play there. 🙂

I cannot help but feel sorry for Spain’s exit in the World Cup. Composed of players whose combined caliber could scare opponents just by enumerating their achievements, I was disappointed by their performance.

Here’s my personal view.

Losing to Holland should not have been embarrassing if Van Persie’s side did not have a scare against Australia, which is not as strong as Spain in paper. If Australia could have created better chances against Holland, how did Spain fail to do so with all their experience?

Losing to Chile could have been a foregone conclusion. Spain lost its hunger to defend its crown. They looked like spent superstars only wishing to go home and retire.

Spanish football is one of the best. But, even the best should not rest on their laurels when hungrier contenders persevere harder to unseat them from their throne. That happened in Brazil when Spain simply sat on their throne and forgot to hold on to their crown.


My guess: Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Italy, France, Argentina, Germany, Belgium will reach the final eight.



12 thoughts on “Glory Lost

  1. Belsbror, You are right you have never been more right in your life, and the Real Madrid, which is my team so we hate Barcelona with Messi and love Ronaldo of course, we won them in the European League! hahaha,

    1. I like to watch them play against one another. I hope they will have more luck next season to dethrone Athletico. I am a Michu fan so I guess I am safe from your anger. Hahaha.

      1. Did I say we beat Barcelona in the European cup?
        Where is my head….. it was Atlético de Madrid, which we call them “Vikingos” just banter between one another. We celebrate it in La plaza Cibeles and they in La plaza Neptuno, so we hate each other really, aaaaaaa!

        And the Atlético de Madrid was the one who won Barcelona in the Spanish League, so since we hate even much more Barcelona even the Real Madrid people where cheering for the Atlético.

  2. I know how you love your respective teams. I can see it when I watch matches on TV. 🙂
    Hope everything goes well with next season’s rivalry. That will be good for football in general.
    Thanks for the chat. 🙂

  3. That was really insightful in so many ways and can be applied to life as well. I have been wondering how Spain lost. La Liga is my favorite as well.

    1. Like the Italian and English leagues, La Liga has teams composed of international players, who now play for their national teams and against teammates in their home clubs. I believe Spain (Italy and England) relied heavily on high-prized players to boost their national and European championship chances more than recruiting and training homegrown talents to help them in their World Cup bids. I think France will have a good chance to win the Cup.
      For the teams I chose to comprise the last eight, only Italy was my miss so far. 🙂

      1. Hungry teams like Costa Rica want to prove that Brazil is not invincible or any other high-rated teams for that matter. They will play against Greece, who is also a hungry team. It is a toss up, I think. 🙂

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