Sea Rise

Another report that attracted my interest was about an old colonial capital of West Africa, Saint Louis in Senegal, which is currently on the verge of disappearing from the map due to rising sea levels. I could not expertly state why this is happening. Either the city is sinking or not, I have no proof.

A male resident and his son riding a motorized boat when interviewed pointed to the spot in the middle of the sea. He claimed that his house was located there.

If that is true, there must be an explanation on what caused the phenomena.

Ten kilometers from where I live is the coastline. When I was still engaged in a small fishing business, I was a regular beach visitor. Back then, I was already aware of the creeping sea invasion.

The nearest house to the water still stands to this day. The owner of the house related that ten years ago his house was almost fifty meters to the water during high tide. Today, the water is mere five meters away. Even the rows of coconut trees that they planted fell down through the years, a testament to the damage caused by rising sea levels.

Those not affected by this calamity in the making would probably shrug because they are not involved personally. But what happens when other calamities happen to them and other people just shrug them off?

We live in one planet. We are all affected.



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