Yesterday’s domestic news about the corruption scandals involving three senators and hosts of minor accomplices bordered on the obscene. No, not the sexual connotation connected to the act but much worse: frying the masses with their own fats.

Even before the order is to be given for their arrests. the government has already laid plans months earlier for comfortable cells. Not to be left out of the beat, a law enforcement boss tried to downplay the unbelievable coincidence of building new quarters for its officers and the planned use of the site as holding areas for the privileged accused. Only those naive in the workings of the oligarchic society would accept the ruse as true.

History is rife with similar kid-gloved treatments to high-profile wrongdoers. The coddling is part of the elaborate safe mechanism scheme to ensure that even if there’s a change of power at the top, when those accused today become those in power tomorrow, the assurance is in place that revenge persecution would be as painless as before. Those participating in these political melodramas believe that the entertained masses would sit back and enjoy the show while in reality they are being fooled, their money stolen, their future destined to cycles of misfortunes.

How could the people escape this template of impunity when we ourselves condone the wrong system by voting the crooks in office? Time and again. we fall to the same trap. Time and again, we promise we will change. But, time and again, we fail ourselves.

I am an optimist. However, when it comes to ridding our society of scums of the earth, I am resigned to pessimism. Perhaps, science should produce the good virus to infect these malevolent beings toward complete changes of character.



5 thoughts on “Screwed

  1. The Philippines aren’t the only ones with this kind of problem. We here in the US are trapped by a congress and president /administration that are possibly the most corrupt our country has ever had… yet we voted them into office ourselves. Will we never learn???

    1. Regrets, as they often say, do not happen beforehand. It will always be in the end.
      I think when finally learn our lessons, we will prevail. When? That’s the hardest question to answer.

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