Text Back

Here’s some of the text messages I received through the years. I am not sure what were the reactions of those on the other line after I sent my replies. πŸ™‚

– o –

Received text: Hello, this is my new roaming number. I lost my old SIM. I want to send you a package.

Reply: You text the wrong number. But, if you want to send a package, I am more than willing to receive it.

– o –

Received text: Congratulations! Your SIM has been chosen in the lottery sponsored by the Progress Foundation. You won 855, 000 pesos. Please contact Atty. Malladi for more details.

Reply: I did not join the lottery but if you be so kind, please deduct all charges and send my winnings via text.

– o –

Received text: There’s been an accident. Your boss is in the hospital. Bring cash or valuables to pay for his bills.

Reply: I am very sorry to hear that. My boss is bankrupt so you have to pay it yourself. I am sure he will pay you back when he has recovered.

– o –

Received text: Can you be my text mate?

Reply: Of course. Send me one thousand pesos worth of load.

– o –

Received text: You are cordially invited to join a select group of users. Once you send us your detailed information, we will send you free gifts including an all expense paid vacation to China.

Reply: Thank you. Can you change the destination to Europe?

– o –



15 thoughts on “Text Back

      1. Indeed, dear belsbror! I have often been told my gentle soul must be guarded so as not to allow others to take advantage. I understand and agree with your comments! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Cher xo

    1. Till today, I still receive those kind of text messages. If they are real, especially the ones telling me a winner, I could have been a multimillionaire by now. (laughs)

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