“Can I visit you at home?”

His attempt at courting the most silent classmate in their class hit a snag. He had her in the corner but it seemed he was more on the defensive.

“Why?” she smirked. “I am not sick.”

“I did not mean to sound it that way,” he scratched his head, rethinking his next words to convey his affection without being mushy.

“See, I am a boy,” his intro was not having its desired effects, “and you are a girl.”

“Is there a trick question somewhere? You sound as if I am blind.”

She was toying with him as he fumbled,

“No, that’s not what I am trying to say. I want to have a personal word with you.”

To other girls, his cherubic smile could have melted resistance. Not on her.

“We are alone. There’s nothing more personal that this.”

“Because …” he could not utter the magic phrase.

“Unless, you are planning something.” She looked suspicious.

Without warning, he kissed her on the lips. A few seconds of pure touch connected them instantly in a new level both of them knew nothing of before.

When flesh parted, he was grateful for the courage that overwhelmed him. She, on the other hand, kept her eyes closed, never wanting to forget that flash of beautiful sensation.

“I am sorry for being too brash,” he waited for her slap on his cheek.

“I am not,” she heard herself whisper, the words imparted to him the gospel of love.


14 thoughts on “Mutual

      1. I am an avid reader of history. When I analyze the present, I check the past to see what the future will bring. As they say, history repeats itself.

      2. It’s a circle. When it comes to history, look what happened at Holocaust. It takes 7 generations to undo the damage, it’s only 50 years ago. Look what the Israel is doing to the Palestinians. What happened to them, is being done to the Palestinians, etc.

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