Genuine Gems

I am no jeweler. I do not possess a legal certificate to be one or the trained eye to notice the roughs and imperfections of soon-to-be-polished wonders. All I know is that they are the real items, not synthetic copies from something original.

Marlyn of Kintal is one of them. Creating impressions with art and verses is a passion she ably put to good use. Inspire and motivate, she continues to produce works of beauty we are free to admire.

When she introduced me to the Virtual Blog Tour, I readily accepted to take part. For me, it is chance to explore other bloggers’ minds where ideas give birth to form and substance before they are offered to readers in the blogsphere.

Without further ado, meet three other gems in the WordPress collection of thousands. Check them out for yourself and you will not leave their sites empty-handed. 🙂


If there is a female Jack of all trades, she is Kanzen Sakura. Nope, she is not your typical superwoman but she can fly, not literally of course. When “South meets East” as she described herself, you are bound to discover diverse facets of her life through her posts about poetry, food and travel.


Forgottenmeadows of Neha is unforgettable. Poetry about “the little things life has to offer” deserves our notice. She can keep you still to read her woven language just like admiring details in a photograph. Her continuing project to introduce selected bloggers is a worthy endeavor, offering us chosen glimpses of what to expect even before we could sample their work.


The Seeker has a life “full of in between times” that we all have, Aren’t we all interested in the various aspects of living? Her philosophical outlooks combine religious faith in the Almighty and practical beliefs in ourselves. But, don’t get too serious because she also knows how to tickle your bones with her Monday treats.

Now, off to the real stone, not the precious variety but the ordinary kind. Me! 🙂

What am I working on?

From the time I acquired my computer in late 2012, I have been encoding my early drafts. Imagine former blank pages of assorted paper of various shapes and sizes with ballpoint pen scribble slowly fading like recorded memories beginning to be forgotten. That’s how daunting the task I have in my hands.

Nowadays, I keep posting some of my odd ideas in the form of short stories. On the side, I am writing the second and third parts of The Thread series to form a novelette.

How does my work differ from others of each genre?

My tagline answers the above question: “Like it or not, it’s already written, my way.” But this does not mean, I am against criticisms of my writing. On the contrary, I am open to objective comments and valuable inputs from readers who spent time reading what I wrote.

Also, I feel the need to express myself within the bounds of responsible self-censorship. In addition, I am more than willing to let editors do their job but only to the point I could still recognize my work as mine.

Why do I write/create what I do?

My Technical English college teacher nearly failed me in her class not because I lacked knowledge; I was in the wrong department. She pointed out once that a feasibility study should be about cold and hard facts, not creative prose of glowing dreams and dramas found in literature.

She was correct. But then, I asked, “Can I transform the feasibility study into a fictional story?”

Unexpectedly, she passed me with a short advice: write.

How does your writing/creative process work?

Believe it or not, a simple word is a spark like igniting a fuse of a bomb that will eventually goes boom. The explosion of ideas related to the particular word provides me with an outline on where they will be shaped, twisted and concluded.

Then, at times you might observe that each title I chose has two or three meanings. (Saving Grace is an example.) I do love word play, the guessing game that leads readers to think, evaluate, discover and understand what I am trying to convey. Besides, I am not good at spoon-feeding because I know everyone has their own interpretations afterward.

There you have it, belsbror partially uncovered. 😀

Happy blogging guys and gals!


37 thoughts on “Genuine Gems

    1. Thank you for considering me. I wrote a post beforehand but I scratched it at the last minute. Then, I saw the word gem in your blog. The rest is history, 🙂

  1. I love reading what you post. Who ever you choose will be quite blessed. I would be happy to volunteer too. But I fear its not quite what you need. None the less I like what your doing

    1. Every blogger has importance like anyone else. It is not only my needs that should satiated but thousands more who share my belief that you matter. We matter.
      I might have not included you now in the tour but I will certainly think of you the next time around.

    1. No volunteers. You have to seek them out. (no pun intended) 😀
      You have more followers who are willing to participate. All you have to do is ask. I could cite fellow Canadian but you have to do the selection.
      Come on, it’s like a walk in the park. 🙂

      1. Yes, of course. You can ask your candidate to fill up the other two plus his/her three. That should solve the problem. 🙂
        I like to read your answers to the questions. That would be enlightening. 😀

  2. Smiling, I was introduced to Kanzen a few months ago and am one of her biggest fans. She is a star that does brightly shine, creating a path for us to follow. the mixture of her posts are like recipes she creates for our taste buds. Thanks, Bill

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