When I remember you, there are so many adjectives I want to attach to your name. Yes, the dictionary will be most useful, expressing almost exact language to your influence in my life.

There were times we discuss things as if we were total strangers, occasionally with loud voices, with differing opinions and heated arguments. But then, other times, we are the most loyal team, rooting for our sports idols, immersed in laughter, joy and even tears in victories and defeats.

Our relationship could be a roller coaster, the ups of harmony and the downs of distance. The ride through the years had been both entertaining and depressing, when triumphs occurred and problems arrived, respectively.

I could never be here without you, no matter how I tried to look for justification to disown your role in my existence. You are part of the pair, the other, also essential to my creation.

This day is supposed to be yours, or any days of the year for that matter. So, Happy Father’s Day everyday.



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