His Days

“What is father like?”

King Gregory’s heart felt a painful twitch whenever he remembered his departed son. He could see the same appeasing eyes in his grandson, the way he looked at his father during their rough times together.

“You are him and then some,” the king replied, able to suppress his sorrow with a brave smile. “Just like the earlier stunt you did, your father knew how to weave strategies to get my attention while at the same time trying to supplant my objections.”

Prince Kerry hugged his grandfather like he used to with his father, keeping their distance so close that nothing could separate them, not even their occasional difference in opinions and views.

“Happy Father’s Day, Grandpa!” he whispered to his father’s father. “I hope I could be a good father, too, when the time comes.”

The king released him from the embrace and studied the prince’s face. There was little he got from his mother, in the physical sense that is. Perhaps, in the intellectual and emotional sides, his mother’s influence proved crucial to make him stronger and somewhat opinionated.

“You will be,” he admitted. Then in jest he added, “When do you plan to see Lady Jean’s parents?”

“Grandpa!” Prince Kerry nearly forgot the supposed banquet to announce his engagement. “Can you please explain to them than no marriage will take place? You know my reasons.”

King Gregory needed the hearty laugh. It was a long time ago he conversed playfully with someone, let alone with his one and only grandson.

“I talked to Lady Jean,” he confessed, a steady grin remaining on his happy features, “that you should be taught a lesson, a frightening lesson to be exact, so that in the future you would think twice before creating a mess you could not easily get away from.”

“But she said her parents have already prepared the announcement.”

“You still don’t get it, don’t you? You are not her type.”

“You did not explain it before. Why?”

“Sometimes, you need to keep your aces hidden from everyone else. That’s a ploy a king has to learn through experience.”

“Why am I not her type?” Prince Kerry obviously wanted to know where his defects were.

“Let’s just say, she will never get married to you and any man for that matter.”



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