Royal Number

“Sleep on it, will you?”

That was his request to the enthusiastic boy, who would not take a no for an answer. The trait certainly ran in the family.

If there were other options other than appointing a ruler from somewhere else, he would have resorted to them much earlier. To think that his own grandson would treat his inheritance just like a simple privilege to do whatever he wanted, he was mistaken.

But the king was not losing hope. Perhaps, the teenager was normally passing that stage where to acquire possessions was the most important thing in life. With a crown, he wished to surpass what ordinary folks could only dreamed of.

“Grandpa, are you awake?” Kerry tiptoed toward the king’s bed. “I need to talk to you.”

Was it already morning? The king did not wish to rise up early like he used to when he was younger. An hour more in bed replenished whatever tiredness he endured through the previous day.

“Oh, yes. I am just lying down.” he raised himself into a sitting position. “What is it?”

“The way I calculated it, if I get married when I reach 15, my first born could marry at the same age while I am only 30. His son could follow the practice that in effect I could have a great grandson when I reach 45. If I could have more sons, the number of my heirs will increase exponentially.”

“You cannot marry three women. It is not allowed.” The king himself had not even given the thought when he was at that age.

“Other kings in the past had many women, why can’t I?” Kerry was devoted to copying his ancestors’ exploits.

“It’s different today,” the king explained, a bit exasperated to point out the obvious. “There are laws to be observed even by kings.”

Kerry’s silence seemed a pause to his insistence.

“Why do you really like to have so many heirs? Not everyone of them could sit in the throne.”

“I will be Kerry the first. All my male descendants will carry my name. I will be truly elated once I see Kerry the Fiftieth.”



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