“Hear ye! Hear ye!”

The people in the square listened intently to what the King’s message was all about.

“Subjects of this wonderful land, our beloved monarch informs all of you of his retirement from royal duties in the near future. Prince Kerry will be crowned thereafter.”

There were mixtures of reaction from the crowd. The older generation felt sad for their old king and at the same time afraid that the next in line was too young to hold the reigns of power. On the contrary, the younger population welcomed the transition: they wanted progress to which the old king resisted for a long time. The prince could open the doors to development.

Prince Kerry observed his people from afar. He believed that he was ready to continue the royal traditions originating from the Middle Ages.

“Your Highness, the Royal Mother is on the line.” The bearer of the telecommunications equipment looked silly riding a horse. He did not like the idea of wearing the old costumes while operating his modern gadgets.

The prince took the cellular phone from above: he walked the distance from the palace.

“Ma, what’s the problem? I told you I’ll be checking the town.”

“Come back! Your grandfather has been looking for you since two hours ago.”

“I don’t understand,” he shook his head, “you could have informed him.”

“You know, he does not want you wandering about without your guards. It is not safe.”

Instead of irritation against his mother’s strictness, he changed his tact. The king taught him how to free himself from such tight control: use charm.

“You are always right, Ma. I’ll be there as soon as possible.”

There was silence on the other end. His submission cut off all arguments.

“What exactly are you doing there?”

Prince Kerry laughed.

“I am looking for my future queen.”



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