Not only Jews or any other nationalities have to leave their country of birth behind. People move out with various reasons attached to their flight.

Filipinos have to leave a beautiful country because of two major reasons. (1) They have relatives abroad. (2) They work overseas to feed their families.

The idea behind the first is obviously reunification. Families are families wherever they might be. But beneath that, there is some kind of disillusionment or disenchantment on how things are domestically. I’ve lived abroad so I know how we Filipinos compare our life at home and our life in our adopted countries. It’s like looking in a microscope and you will see all the germs moving freely in the surroundings. You can easily understand where the analogy leads to.

The second reason revolves around the greener-pasture-on-the-other-side theory. Because of scant opportunities locally, workers are forced to look further away to find jobs. Others, who already have jobs, want to have higher pay so they move out, too. When they are finally out, they become aware of what a developed world looks like. The allure would give them enough reasons not to return.

However, there is one major reason why Filipinos come back home. Whatever this country of ours is currently going through, with all the problems politically and economically, with poverty, lack of work opportunities, etcetera, etcetera, we have our own archipelago we call home.

Home is where you can throw garbage anywhere you like, sing to your heart’s delight even if your neighbors are asleep, or standby the whole day without a foreigner looking at you shaking his head because of your bumming around. I might be exaggerating a bit but, yes, some things you cannot do abroad could be done freely at home. That’s the beauty of it all.



8 thoughts on “Diaspora

  1. My friend, I can’t agree that “Home is where you can throw garbage anywhere you like, sing to your heart’s delight even if your neighbors are asleep”.
    In my country (USA) too many people throw garbage where they like (in direct and indirect senses) and the environment of the country deteriorating daily.
    I believe, that home is a sacred place you must cherish and care about.

    1. Well, you are correct in your reasoning about home as a sacred place. 😀 It was satirical language, the reality to some indifferent people, how silly life is. If you can only see what they did to a pristine river, perhaps you’ll agree with me how they like their home to become. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. 🙂 Blessings, belsbror

      On Thu, Jun 12, 2014 at 7:21 PM, belsbror wrote:


  2. Civilization in developed sections of the world will eventually crash again, as the construct of taking more from the earth than can be regenerated is a weak foundation, requiring lots of invisible slaves from around the world. And, from what I see from my neighbors, there is a look of a better quality of life, but the quality of life is often very poor, and those pleasant looking homes carry lots of debt and slavery in them. The grass is always greener elsewhere! And home is a sacred place, wherever it might be!!!

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