Closed Space

“Do you expect me to believe you?”

The old man waved him to follow to the small window. Showing the evidence could force Pool to rethink his doubts.

Empty cans littered the backyard. Exaggeration could place the number in the thousands.

“Why won’t you exit through any of the windows?”

“They are built in in the structure. Only the main door opens to the outside.”

“Water, electricity, it’s impossible if service providers do not come here for maintenance.”

“You don’t understand,” the old man could have been tired explaining everything to the other four that another repetition was useless. “This house is self-contained. Power is not a problem. You open a faucet and there is water. You can eat all the canned goods in one sitting if you like, the next day new ones appear on the shelf.”

Pool tried to digest the information objectively without letting his skeptic reasoning shatter the mixture of incredible claims.

“I am glad you came,” the old man startled Pool’s silence. “I have not spoken to a soul since the guardian died. I used to talk to the other five in the photos. I often imagined I heard them responding.”

“We go out the door at the same time. Maybe, one of us could survive to tell the world about this house.”

“No, I can’t,” the old man trembled at the thought. “The guardian explained that natural death is the only escape from this place.”

“You’re implying that if I stay, I’ll have to wait for my death in here. That if you die first, I will be stuck here to warn the next person to enter the door.”

“It will be that or disappearance to another dimension for eternity.”

“You really believe all that fiction,” Pool reached the end of his patience. “Well, I don’t. I wasted too much time listening to your voodoo talk.”

“Please stay,” the old man desperately held on to his shirt. “You’re making a mistake.”

“Sorry, old man. I am a goner.”

He ran upstairs and went straight to the door. It was ajar so all he had to do was open it.

The blinding flash instantly froze time.

(to be continued)



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