Follow the Lead

He stared at the full moon without any thoughts of superstition. For him, what he was about to do was as natural as any myth buster would try, given a mystery to debunk and be famous to have explained the obvious.

The dilapidated door creaked as the hinges that were covered with rust grated. It did not signify a new entry because in his estimate the cobwebs were recently disturbed. Someone beat him first to trespass.

His friends tried to talk him out from his obsession. They reasoned that no one in his right mind would enter the reputed haunted house by the river. Others did and they ended up missing without a trace. What happened to them  became part of hushed speculations in the village.

He heard the stories but instead of being discouraged, he knew there was a simple explanation why people disappeared. As a non-believer in supernatural phenomena, his skepticism increased when no evidence supported the supposed haunting.

Nothing of significance called to his attention except for the portable computer at the dusty bookshelf by the corner. His eyes wandered, noting every detail of the surroundings.

He was surprised the computer was in sleep mode, the blinking indicator was inconspicuously covered with cellophane tape, hiding the gadget’s status if observed from afar.

Even though he suspected that someone was present and in hiding, his curiosity prevailed  over precaution. He turned the computer on.

When the screen brightened, he was shown a simple message: Sixth!

From behind,  a gravely indistinct voice interrupted his concentration.

“I am sure you know what you’re looking for.”

He turned around and gasp.

(to be continued)



6 thoughts on “Follow the Lead

      1. This is a real twilight story. You can right for a TV shows you know. One of the girls at work, her past time is writing stories for TV shows, Stargate? I think. I

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