Sinister could only describe the lined face of the person towering over him. The man could be over six feet as compared to him, more than a foot shorter.

“What are you doing here?”he inquired, calming his ruffled nervous system.

He expected an angry reply because his question was supposed to be directed to himself.

“I own the place.” No added information could contest that statement.

“I thought this place is …” he stopped, not knowing whether to incriminate himself all the more.

“haunted? the man grinned as if satisfied with notoriety.

“empty,” he finished, figuring out a way to exit the house with his dignity in tact. “I am sorry I was mistaken.”

The man, garbed in clothes suited in the seventies, walked with difficulty. His limp was permanent, perhaps as a result of his ripe age.

“Why did you come?”

He did not want to get into an argument with the owner of the house. First, he was way out of line. Second, his intention was self-serving.

“If you’ll excuse me, I better go. Again, I am sorry for disturbing you without permission. It will not happen again.”

He turned around and headed for the door when he heard the old man’s disturbing question.

“Rumors have it that five people disappeared from this house. What did you see on the screen?”

Was it a veiled threat? Was his mind being conditioned that he was destined to earn that slot?

“I don’t believe in rumors,” he said without halting his cadence. Three more steps and he was out the door.

“If you leave, you will not escape your fate.”

Holding on to the knob, he stopped. The cryptic warning gave him more reason to find answers than leave empty handed.

“Tell me why?”

(to be continued)



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