Weekday Notes

Warning: This post could be addictive!

Here’s a regimen I try to follow. You are invited to join in.

Monday: Be ready!

The second day of the week (check your calendar) will probably tempt you to prolong your holiday. Don’t. Whether or not you are working in the office or any workplace, this is the best day to expect the unexpected. There are events that could have eluded your attention while you spent your weekends like there’s no tomorrow.

Tuesday: Follow up!

You found out your Monday gave you goals to attend to. Prepare the schedules. You can discard other plans as long as they do not produce conflicts with the foremost you intend to accomplish first. Or, you can always forget Monday happened and start anew.

Wednesday: Focus!

Tuesday could be a nagger but you should bear in mind that it was ordered by Monday. You should follow the schedules that you know what’s best for you. If you have doubts, review. Or, rescind the other two days’ impositions and start once more.

Thursday: Prioritize!

By now, you have numerous errands to juggle around. If you do not choose which should come first, you will end up confused. Take it easy, it is not the end of the world. Check the three days’ directions. If you see they clash with one another, better start from scratch.

Friday: Finish!

If you do not, you’ll have a miserable weekend of incomplete projects. This will absolutely affect your mood during the holidays. Or, forget the whole thing and celebrate the end of the week.

As a Saturday’s promise, you will follow the same practice again next week or until you discover that you need a better arrangement that does not include procrastination.



7 thoughts on “Weekday Notes

      1. I’m glad I found my flock. Tee hee. It’s really good when I start cramming when the time comes. Adrenalin rush. Whosh….

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