Sunday Musing

When you wake up today, breathe. I know it’s a given. I mean, savor each breath as if you have not enjoyed its importance for a long time.

Get out of bed (or wherever you left your body dozing). Check if your saliva oozed out from your mouth. That’s a sign you had a long sleep.

Walk around. If you are at home, never mind if you’re naked especially if you are alone or with your partner. If you have children, better wear some clothes. They do not need a scare early in the morning.

Do some stretching. You do not need to workout like you are in the gym. You do so at your own pace.

Drink water. You should know that you are 70 percent liquid. What’s a glass more to add to the circulation?

When you are finally awake, go back to bed.


It’s Sunday. You deserve the rest.



16 thoughts on “Sunday Musing

    1. I post when I can or when the connection is best. Otherwise, I have to do other things offline. 🙂
      No worries. You can always start from the very beginning. 🙂

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