The future is on hold.

It is easy to be indifferent about events happening far away from one’s domain. To be a silent observer of conflicts and an unknown spectator of natural calamities, one could shut off all the electronic devices that transform us into viewers of global affairs.

I have been veering off these kinds of topics, not because I do not care, but with the fear I could unleash every complaints I have about anything and everything in our society. Like most of you, I possess political and social views which are critical of the powers that be. I have been a rebel once. I could do it again.

At the same level, I want to discuss subjects that I feel more important for the survival of our species, the alleviation of hardships of the masses from prevailing diseases to recurring wars, and the pursuit of positive inventions through worldwide cooperation.

I could see cooperation in agriculture as one of the best starting grounds to achieve a semblance of peace. Countries with developed food production should share their knowledge to help undeveloped nations to produce more for their own people.

It is a fact that hunger had a negative effect on people. Imagine yourself hungry, penniless and wronged. I think you’ll have an idea why some people resort to crimes simply to survive.

Let’s help produce food. If we can’t, waste not what we have.



6 thoughts on “Tentative

  1. From my personal experience: often food is deliberately destroyed for political or economic reasons. Often enough food produced but there are not enough refrigerators or enough warehouses or enough people to gather crops.

    1. We are intelligent enough to send people to the Moon. I believe if there’s a will to prevent wastes of produced food, we will succeed. However, as you put it correctly, for political and economic reasons, governments elect to destroy them instead of giving them away to hungry people. That’s very sad.

      1. Please continue. The more people we convince the better for our planet.
        I have to log out now. Have a great weekend and weekday ahead.

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