Sleep on your own bed!

Following the free-lunch affair, I took guarantees not to fall victim again in my translator’s escapades. It was not entirely his fault because I often acted naive about the workings of the real world.

When he invited me for an after work drinking with a new friend, I declined. He would have left alone if his last words were not too tempting.

“His sister is about your age,” he baited. “This is your chance.”

“So you will steal her again,” I complained. “You’re too smart for me.”

“She can speak your dialect so you do not need an interpreter,” he smiled, perhaps recalling other episodes we had gone through.

“What’s the catch, man?” I asked, now more suspicious.

“See for yourself,” he replied seriously. “If you don’t like her, we leave.”

For two hours, the drinking was enjoyable. The older brother was another funny man. He showed the picture of her sister and I had to admit she was a looker.

“Wait till you meet her personally,” he boasted.

But, after two more cases of beer, his sister was nowhere in sight. I felt that my luck had ran out.

I had difficulty standing so I excused myself.

“Where are you going?” the two asked. “You have not seen her.”

“I need to sleep. I’ll come back.” I swaggered, balancing my body not to fall down.

“You can rest upstairs. Come on, I like you already as my future brother-in-law.”

When I heard that, I struggled up the stairs, opened the first door I located. The intoxication was too severe that I fell flat on my back on the wooden floor. Everything went black.

I was jarred to my senses when an old man, holding a sharp jungle knife, kept shouting at me.

“What did you do with my daughter? You will not leave this place alive!”

Frankly, I was not afraid of the threat. I was more terrified to pee in my pants. It would be scandalous.

Two men came rushing toward the old man, who I was told later was the father, and restrained him.

“Dad, she is not here! She slept over in her classmate’s house.”

“Where am I?” I asked feebly, disoriented. “What am I doing here?”

“You’re in my daughter’s room, you fool!”



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