The Image

Readers of my blog have already understood where the name came from. But what about the gravatar?

The cat’s eye did not appear as a whimsical fancy. I chose it after a long self-introspection, wanting for an inspirational image on how I feel about myself.

It had been subject of a minor controversy before but I stuck with it for the sole reason that it has more meaning to me than all the negative connotations our society in general has attached to it.

Was it fate?

I accidentally found her in the rice field. To nurse her back to a semblance of her true self was not an easy task. But I did not lose hope. I steadfastly proved to myself that she would survive the ordeal.

Back then, my life was dying, not literally. It surrendered its purpose, its dreams, its worth. It was destined to be forgotten, famous only to itself.

Blogging is me. Like when I gave the cat a chance to live, blogging resurrected my true self: hopeful, with vigor, alive. It proved to be an extender of life that seeks for meaning.

So, every time I look at the image, I see the fighting spirit of a dying creature, carelessly thrown away to count its last breaths, destined to return to the earth anonymously.

Not anymore.



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