Parental Guidance

Sometimes, there are no love lost between two generations: the old and the young. I often use the analogy of watching two channels: the government station and the independent network.

When I began to share the power to handle the remote control, probably before I was thirteen, I felt like a sorcerer wielding a magical scepter. No one, but no one including my younger sister, could change stations without my permission. I lorded it over then so they were contented to watch what I chose for everyone.

However, when my parents were around, I was automatically demoted to second fiddle. All my powers were useless when the lord and lady of the house sat in their thrones. Whether I like what they were watching or not, I could either stay uncomfortably bored or leave for my room to sulk.

This difference in tastes often spark arguments that often spread to other aspects of life. As the rule of the day, parents’ words bore much weight than children’s. In a patriarchal and Christian society, any deviation to accepted norms were bound to be considered against authority.

“This is for your own good.” How many times (thousands) do we hear this line from our parents?

Of course, back then, as a young man, I usually treated such preamble as a hindrance to my growth. I wanted to live my own life, not the life designed and charted by my parents. Theirs were different from mine so I felt any formula was useless to follow.

Today, as a grown up, I could see where they came from. I often laugh when I sounded like my parents, giving advice to the younger generation, who believe it or not imitates my former self, eagerly subscribing to a rebellious disposition against restrictions.

I guess, the cycle goes on and on.



11 thoughts on “Parental Guidance

  1. The words of our fathers are words of wisdom. When one is small in age, we don’t normally take parent’s advise serious but we come to know the value of their words when we are mature and as you said, the circle continues. Thanks for sharing!!!

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