When I saw her for the first time, I felt nothing special. She was simply a woman.

Through time though, there was something that ignited inside my teenage body that confused me, I know what love is but I always directed it to family and relatives, and even to food, plants and pets. It was necessary for me to distinguish the feeling, different from the rest.

More than ten years separated our ages. Yet, I felt older than her.

She glanced and smiled at me as if I was the only person in the world, even if I was amid a crowd. I memorized her features that even I did not see her for a few days, she lingered in my mind.

The feeling was not mutual. She treated me in her own different way. Never serious.

Such a relationship did not diminish my love for her. It was not ideal but accepted it I did. I guess she knew how to deal with my infatuation without actually destroying my illusions.

Her marriage to a college sweetheart ended that segment of my life. I was sad but not devastated.

In a way, I was freed to explore other avenues of life where love was not the center of my world,



5 thoughts on “Amazing

  1. I have a certain sadness withing me after having read your post. I truly hope that you are doing well. I had such an ending to a relationship when I was a teen, although the feelings were present within both of us. To me, she was the most beautiful of all of God’s creations. I was being blessed with her presence which was due to nothing that I had done to deserve her; it was totally an act grace. Our love was tender and pure. It was something like I had seen in “oh so many love movies.” I often wonder how “my first love” is doing. She deserved to have the best of life to carry her forward. It seems like deep nostalgia has deeply set in.

    1. I understand where you’re coming from. I sympathize.
      There were memories that are difficult to forget. But then again, they are present to give us something to hold on to.
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

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