Perfect Timing


The female shout from afar ticked him at first. He detested his given name and when it was uttered with a high voice, he felt maligned, a villain for everyone to notice.

He jerked from his kneeling position and faced where the direction of the sound came from.

“What in God’s name!” He could not believe his eyes.

The cat was already in mid air, hurtling to his direction, its front paws seemingly outstretched to punish him for his wicked crime.

In normal circumstances, all he had to do was ward off the animal with his large arms, crushing it to the ground with a heavy stomp on the head. However, this was not the case.

Courageously, he permitted the animal to strike him at will. He deserved every scratch or even bites. It would certainly lessen his guilt.

He felt the claws ripped his shirt, scratching from his breast downwards. The pain was welcomed.

The cat clung to him as if wanting for protection, not revenge as he thought out earlier. Something or someone frightened it.

The private investigator panted as if he would collapse from exhaustion. His planned deception was undone with the cat safely in the bodyguard’s arm.

“Where did you find him?” Brutus asked, hiding his surprise accordingly.

At first, Mr. P.I. wanted to fib about a tale of his exploits, successfully locating the cat’s whereabouts, but then his good sense persuaded him to state the obvious.

“Here,” he sighed deeply. “I have nothing to do of its return.

Along with almost all of the household staff, the mistress reached them. Her concern vanished when she saw her companion safe.

“Please give him to me,” she asked politely.

The bodyguard handed her the cat, ready to face the punishment he had to suffer.

“Ma’m, I have to tell you something,” Brutus began.

“Ma’m, I have to return your money,” Mr. P.I. intruded.

The mistress raised her right hand to hush them both. It was a signal for everyone to remain quiet.

“You look great with your new style,” she laughed. “I should have thought of it much earlier.”

The cat looked at her in the eyes, eager to please her with its adoring cuteness. Removed were the anxieties of being far from the comforts of a loving home.

“Let’s leave all the past behind, shall we? Mr. P.I., our business is done. You take the money because you earned it. What’s important is that my companion is back.”

Everyone nodded their assent.

The bodyguard approached his mistress with a spirited smile.

“I promise to guard him with my life!”

“Did you hear that, belsbror? Now, you have your own bodyguard.”



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