Common Spot

Failure was written all over him.

He had exhausted all the tricks of the trade, checking every lead possible to uncover the truth of the conspiracy he imagined.

As a last resort, he joined a local organization trying to protect animal rights in the hope of finding a scalawag in the group who might have resorted to a drastic action to punish their perceived enemy. It was a dead end.

It was time to admit his options had ran dry. To remit back his advance payment in full would hurt his finances but it was the only way to lessen the embarrassment he had to accept.

His every step was heavy: he felt like surrendering his goal of being one of the best investigators there is. It would be futile to waste his energies on a whim of a dream.

From the gate, he saw what looked like an animal running toward a manicured part of the garden, If he was not mistaken, it looked like a cat.

He dashed as he had never run before. Capturing the cat before his client knew of its comeback would balm his bruised ego, his reputation revived, his success flickering.

– o –

“Where?” she rose quickly, meeting the maid halfway the room. “Are you sure?”

“Yes, ma’m! He looks a bit thin but I recognize his tail.”

“Come!” the excitement propelled her into a run.

– o –

The marker on the elevated bust of his boss adorned a circular garden. Flowering plants were arranged and cared for to create an illusion of a small paradise.

“I am very sorry. I never meant her harm. I only wanted her to treat us as you’ve done when you’re still around.”

A soft breeze cooled the air as if an unseen spirit passed by to signify its presence.

He knelt down on the soft grass, clasping his hands, remorse filled his being.

– o –

A few hundred yards more, he would be reunited with her.

Glancing back and forth, he noticed a running man approaching him quickly. It could have been his captor trying to snag him back. He would not succeed. Never.

He tried a crisscross run to elude capture when he saw his master’s bodyguard kneeling on the ground.

Yeah, that was it. They were all praying for his safe return.

Now, you would feel what pain was all about, he thought about what the bodyguard would do to the man wanting to take his freedom away.

A few moments more, all the protection he needed would be his.



10 thoughts on “Common Spot

    1. The posts in order: Tail, Ransom, Misfit, Reformed, Escape, Common Spot, Perfect Timing.
      Like any experiments, I started with one but the premise was strong. Out of fancy, I added more.
      Thank you for reading them. 😀

      1. I was afraid pippakin will sob all over my blog if I wrote an unhappy ending, 😀
        Got to make you all happy, I guess.

      2. I must confess I do like happy endings. My husband doesn’t always write happy endings and he tells me, “This is reality.” And he’s usually right. But I am his biggest fan. 🙂

      3. Well, he’s absolutely correct. We are in the real world, 🙂
        I guess we need happy endings in stories to make us escape the real world, even for a moment.
        Please extend my regards to him.
        Be safe always

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