It was obvious: his captor made a mistake.

Looking back to where he came from, he devised a hide-and-run tactic to evade recapture. Within minutes of his disappearance, he was absolutely sure a complete search of the premises was underway.

It was a long time ago he felt naked, literally. Gone were the hand-made clothes he was accustomed to wear. Nonetheless, he re-adapted to his natural self to summon what was left of his survival instincts.

He knew the way home, how far the distance he could not tell but it did not matter. He had to find any means to return to his abode. It would probably take him days to reach it but damn it, he did not relish the idea of a life being a stray.

His captivity was not that harsh, if the unthinkable grooming done to him was not included. In some way, he felt lighter, unlike the heavy burden he was before.

Enemies were all around: they loiter the surroundings, hunting the likes of him just for fun. It was how things were in the real world.

While taking a short rest behind a mossy rock, an idea came to him. The sounds of vehicles passing by down the road opened up an option: he could hitch a ride undetected. Not only it would shave hours from his journey, it could also ensure his safety from the perils of wanderings on foot.

A pick-up truck slowed down near the curb. The driver alighted quickly running to a tree, obviously to pee. This was the opportunity to get a ride for free.

He napped for some time. The scenery had changed: there was a forest further ahead.

A familiar signboard attracted his attention. That only meant he was nearer to his destination than he hoped for.

He could not shout at the driver to stop: the vehicle was its higher cruising speed. The only way he could leave was to jump, which even with his abilities, was easier said than done.

The truck slowed down before reaching a left turn. This was his only chance for a quick hop out.

Once hitting the pavement, he rolled several times to soften the impact of his fall.

Nearly an hour later, he could see the gate of his salvation. In his grateful mind, there’s nothing better than being home.



7 thoughts on “Escape

  1. I don’t click like on every one of your posts because you’re so awesomely prolific, but I do like everything you’ve written. Are you planning on putting your words into book form? I hope so. 🙂

    1. It’s okay. The most important thing for me is that you read them. Thank you for all the support and encouragement.
      I have not compiled the short stories I have written. They are literally all over the place. 😀
      I will get there. I appreciate the thought. 🙂

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