Enter the Dragon

Hello guys and gals!

Another day of absence got me homesick. Yeah, I always consider WordPress my home that a moment away from it, I often feel guilty of abandoning it. 😀

That homecoming I posted days earlier became a reality the other day. Out of respect to my neighbors, I had to be present to welcome a young man who joined the ranks of millions of my countrymen working overseas. He did not change but he was a changed individual.

At 23 years old when he first left home soil, his views were concentrated locally. It was often the case before seeing the world from a different perspective. Such narrow outlooks were thus broadened once interaction with other nationalities happened.

I had a small chat with him before he departed the first time. I am wiser as he put it; older and experienced as I admitted. 🙂

The only reminder I imparted to him made a real difference: respect other people, their opinions and their feelings. For a foreign worker, that is a must.

His admission to the correctness of my advice was the only gift I wanted. Okay, I also wanted a piece of imported chocolate he gladly gave me. 😀

Anyway, he’s off to another contract. By this time, he could be in Manila processing his papers for another stint overseas. He’s young and unattached so he has the freedom to seek his luck wherever he wants.

We will miss him. His parents, especially his mother, would shed a tear or two at the mention of his name.



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