I always like the month of June.

When I was in high school, this time of the year was the preparation for school opening. That meant taking visits to bookstores to purchase notebooks, pens and other materials connected to education.

This was also the most opportune time to check the thousands of books on display. Local and foreign titles populated the shelves, waiting to be taken home by lovers of the written word.

Unable to buy as many books as I would like because of financial constraints, I contented myself speed reading excerpts from book covers and sometimes from partially opened samples. (Internet was at its infancy so the word browsing had a different use back then.)

I never realized how my love for libraries, bookstore visits and the word itself were turning points for my aspiration to be a writer.

For me, blogging opened more doors to opportunities. To be accepted by readers is already a part of the wish coming true.



9 thoughts on “Skim

  1. June for us was always a pain because it meant the end of the summer and the beginning of a long year at school. And you know how school can be in our part of the world! It also meant that all the “summer” movies were released at that time! (Thank you America!). I had completely forgotten about it till my nephew kept insisting on showing me “this awesome website” ( for me to realise that he was dropping hints on taking him to the movies on a week night. Aah tragedy. June also means the weather is much much better though! And I agree with you – the smell of fresh text and note books and new fountain pens – the most understated pleasure ever!

  2. School for me was heaven, not necessarily going to school, mind you. 😀
    I mean I got to read in the library for free. Back then, internet was not yet available so I was satisfied reading the real items.
    I know you will come through with your schooling. You have the verve and the spirit. You will go far, further than you could imagine.
    Keep the posts coming. I feel young reading your stuff. 😀

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