He was always considered an animal when he was young. That natural term was derisively used by a violent stepfather who spent no time to treat him as a person. Only her mother, often absent to work in the market, kept him believing he was loved.

He was too big for his age. However, his size had nothing to do with his soft heart and humble attitude. As a result, he was bullied in school by smaller children who saw him the beast without the beauty.

With all the hardships he went through, he began to harden. His body fats were replaced by bulging muscles, his heart became stone, his humility was dissolved by society who inculcated in his mind that only the strong and the fittest survive.

He was lost to the dark side eventually with the death of his mother. It was also the time his stepfather vanished without a trace. There was talk that he gave the old timer a passport to hell.

But, life was always mysterious, to him especially. A wealthy businessman took him in as a bodyguard, treated him as a confidante, and almost considered him a son. All the negativity imprinted in his character was wiped out in time as their relationship deepened.

The villain’s part was taken over by the businessman’s second wife. He could not compete with her and she used everything in her powers to limit his influence considerably.

When the businessman died, he was back again to being maltreated. If he was not a changed man, he could have dispatched her off earlier with ease. He owed the old man that much to sully his memory.

To teach her a lesson, he ‘borrowed’ her pet. He had no reason to hurt the cat other than punish its master psychologically.  He was not mistaken: she became less verbally cruel to the household staff which included him.

The private investigator would not succeed. He needed not to because he was already handsomely compensated. All he had to do was wait for the cat to resurface.

The heavily sedated feline had a makeover. It was now a real cat and not a fur ball.

He smiled, looking more as a gentle giant. If they only gave him a chance when he was young, without the abuse, he could have been a veterinarian, a caring doctor of animals.



9 thoughts on “Misfit

  1. I may not comment often, I’m working on that, but this moved me enough to try to overcome my shyness (major accomplishment, that lol). Just wanted to say that I can really empathize with the character. Very well done. 🙂

    1. Sometimes I do feel the same way. To comment or not to comment has always been a dilemma. 🙂
      I am so glad I pulled you out from your cocoon. 😀
      Thank you for the kind words.

      1. The thanks go both ways then. 🙂
        I needed cocoon blasting most desperately.

        It felt great, to pull back and away from, the babble and panic that accompanies job searches.

        And it worked. 🙂
        Never worry about whether or not to drop comments on my blog. All I ask is to comment because a post or a story moves you, not because of a perceived obligation 🙂

      2. I will finally land on your blog one of these days. 🙂
        Thank you for understanding. We may be busy but in due time we will overcome.
        I am glad I was of some help. 🙂
        Take care, Blessings.

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