“How old are you?”

Her answer to the question always raised eyebrows as if she was the epitome of a great liar.

“I am five years old,” she would say, “believe it or not.”

Well, her endowed physique showed a twenty year old siren. No wonder, people could not imagine her inventing such a blatant falsehood.

Except, yes, except when she mentioned that her birthday is February 29.

That explained it.

But then, her problems would not disappear.

One time, she filled out a form. She got stuck in the spaces Birthday and Age. If she had to be accurate, she would write 5 years old. On the safe side, she wrote 20.

She asked her parents why did they not make her birth date February 28 or March 1 to save her the agony of explaining things. They only had blank stares for answers.

What’s the problem with the calendar anyway? Why do some months have 30 or 31 days? Why not give February two days more to solve the inequity?

She heard from the loud speaker a female voice calling out her name: it was the receptionist,

“Miss Tweeny Nine!” her pronunciation seemed to place humor in the situation. “You are number 30 in the list.”

Other people in the room showed some teeth: the smiles and grins were all around.

Well, that’s the answer to the question why her birth date was not moved a day earlier or a day later. Either of her parents perceived a good omen to rhyme her name to her date of birth.

“Yeah, I am five years old.” she announced loudly.



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