Surrounded by Nature, I do observe a lot.

There is a non-flowering plant near my house door. Many people call it The Fortune plant. I have no idea why but because it has green, wide and long leaves, perhaps they see the resemblance to the dollar bill. 🙂

The other day, I noticed new leaves at the top. For some time, I regarded this as natural growth, following its own design. But then, it dawned on me how that process could be related to life in general.

We turn a new leaf once in a while. We experience a new segment in our lives, different from days, weeks, or years ago. It is the process of renewal from what we believe as improvement to a routine we are accustomed to and the acceptance that so many people are not around anymore while new people arrive to fit into new roles in our present and hopefully in the foreseeable future.

It is refreshing, a cleansing of sorts, enlightening.

Life could be anything we want to. As they say, we are what we do with our lives. It is only but fitting to live it wisely.

(This is a re-post.)



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