He screamed. He did not know why.

He could not see but he knew he was alive.

Hands busied themselves cleaning him of fluids he could not identify. Their individual touch were gentle as if he was a priceless creation, pure and too fragile to be carelessly handled.

They produced sounds alien to his ears: their sing songs did not provoke emotions from his almost blank memory. Whatever was etched in his mind felt ancient.

He was famished. Being alive equated to hunger. His restrained movements sapped him of energy.

When his lips got in contact with soft flesh, he sucked. His nose smelled food. It was all that mattered.

Sleep visited him when his stomach was filled to contentment. The warm feeling enveloped his whole body. Wrapped in a soft material, protected from the cold, he was shielded from the uncertainties and sheltered in his moments of innocence.

When he reopened his eyes, another creature was beside him. The arrangement confused him although he had no power to make demands: he waited what was to happen next.

An instant recollection possessed his brain, like a switch that toggled between his old and new memories.

Where was I really? Could this be the new world I was promised in my past life?



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