He glanced at the rear view mirror for the nth time, checking the condition of his passenger. Allowing more acceleration than the required speed, his eyes darted left to right, sensing anything that signals trouble.

Several times he asked his superior for back up security but to no avail. The man he worked for was assigned a two-vehicle support team whenever he was on the road. They were pulled out unceremoniously because of his superior’s insistence of low-key travels.

“I am a government official, not a dignitary to get such eminent treatment.”

He heard the two-note sirens from a distance. Either it was an ambulance ferrying a dying patient or police escorts of some big shot functionary. His second guess was on the mark when the traffic on the other lanes parted as if Moses himself was about to arrive.

“What is that?” his passenger irritably woke up.

“Sir, maybe the President is on his way for a meeting.”

“That’s unlikely,” the superior adjusted his posture to have a look at the oncoming group of vehicles.

He forgot that his superior was assigned to the President’s personal staff.

Two motorcycle riders, bearing the uniform of the highway patrol group, preceded a trio of unmarked luxury shuttle vans that was tailed by a military bus full of battle-ready police personnel.

“It’s the pork barrel queen, sir.”

“Damn!” The suppressed swearing at the back did not elude his ears. His boss was visibly irked at the turn of events unfolding right before their eyes,

“I don’t understand, sir,” he said quietly, not wanting to add combustion to his superior’s lighted eyes of fire. “Why the overkill?”

“They said she was getting death threats so they beefed up her security during her court hearing trips.”

He was a simple driver with martial arts skills, hand-to-hand combat training and weapons’ expertise. A simpleton he was not, All that government spending to secure a celebrated criminal?

“You are also getting death threats, sir.”

His superior nearly doubled up laughing. The logic of his last statement did not need a genius to connect the obvious similarities.

“I am not the pork barrel king.”



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