The early evening news finally took the worms out of the can. It was common knowledge among local users but the government and the service providers always propped up the lies about slow (crawling, to be exact) Internet connection. At 3 Mbps, we are hypnotized to the idea that our system is at par with the rest of the world.

I could have forgiven the slow connection due to congestion in the information highway but to be charged stiff for inefficient service, there is no other term that could be used but criminal. It is thievery in the highest order.

I know businesses are established to earn profits, However, if such pursuits take advantage of customers, short-changing them in the process, the business should only be called opportunistic.

Demanded by the court to refund all overcharged fees siphoned off unwitting subscribers, the service providers have the gall to ask for a review. They are loathed to return what had entered their coffers. Instead, they offer more over-the-rainbow promises to muddle the issues.

Personally, I spent a lot with my surfing. Indirectly, I helped the telecommunications industry attain its profitable status. Along with the other millions of users, we deserve genuine and dedicated service in exchange for our continued loyalty.

The prompt No Service should go to the thrash bin especially when cold cash was paid in advance. Otherwise, a service provider is no better than a lowlife creepy swindler.



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