A coin has two sides.

Here, like elsewhere in the world, people have differences in opinions concerning various matters. Most of the mundane topics they discussed and argued about ranged from the serious to the hilarious. Most of the time, an objective referee of sorts has the power to decide who wins the battle of wits.

Take for example the other week. I stumbled upon two young lads quarreling how to go about courting a girl. They have been exposed to new ideas through the media. At least from what I understood of their disagreement, one wanted to go the Facebook route while the other wanted the text mate method.

Both presented their defense of their choice without backtracking one bit. I knew right there and then I had to think of a third option far away from the technology-based solution they both wanted to rely upon.

“Have you seen the girl?” I asked seriously. “Personally.”

“No,” they chorused hesitantly. “We saw her on Facebook.”

“Are you sure it is really her? Maybe she used a photo of somebody else.”

They pondered for sometime. I did have a point: they could have been arguing for nothing more than an illusion of who they thought they liked.

“I am sure it’s her,” the younger of the two insisted. “I saw her first.”

“She is older than you,” offered the older. “We are of the same age.”

They restarted their quarrel so I decided to give them a piece of my mind.

“Listen!” I raised my voice a notch higher. “Meet her first. If she does not come, kiss your chances goodbye. She could play along with you on Facebook or via text but that’s only that: play.”

“But…” they tried to argue.

“Your choice,” I said. “Do it my way so you won’t waste your time and effort.”

Two days later, I saw them drinking soda in a corner store. They were in a lively mood. Gone was the fierce faces they exhibited earlier.

I approached them without asking what happened with their plans. The older one asked the store tender to give me a bottle of soda and a piece of bread. He signaled he was paying for it.

“We are glad we listened to your advice,” he related. “She did not look like as she appeared in her profile photo.”

“Her beauty did not pass your mark,” I commented without saying the four letter word.

“Oh no! She was a stunner!”

“What’s the catch? I mean why did you not pursue your plan?”

“She’s over twenty,” confessed the younger one, who is barely fifteen.

“Age does not matter,” I baited.

“Well, we did not pass her qualifications?”

“And what is that?”

“She thought we’re over thirty.”

“Why did she think so?”

They both laughed as if they did a mischievous prank.

“I sent my father’s bachelor photo. I wanted to test her if she does not like older men.”

The younger did the same.

“When she met us, she thought we were sent to meet our new mother, her.”

I had a great time listening to their recollection of the meeting. What mattered was that It ended in a good note.

“You could have sent my photo instead,” I jested.

They looked at each other, not sure whether to laugh or keep their mouths shut.



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