Blind Date

She stood near the gate of the shop. Wearing a simple dress with floral patterns, she could be described as being surrounded by natural fragrance.

“I am sorry, I am late,” he smiled to cover up his shyness.

“I just arrived myself,” she replied, dissolving her impatience. “No problem.”

“Let’s eat.” He was not a spontaneous conversationalist so he tried his best to limit the talking to a minimum.

She, on the other hand, was curious that her mysterious date was not really what she thought of earlier. Her first impression was good, to state it safely.

During the meal, she initiated the indirect questions, masking them as general chat about anything and everything.

“I thought you are lost. I never saw an actor in person.”

He nearly choked hearing the generous compliment. He should return the favor.

“Frankly, I nearly backed out because I never met a royalty before.”

Their laughter gave way to a more calm conversation. They became more at ease with each other.

“By the way, if it’s not too personal to ask, I thought you would be wearing jeans.”

He was surprised by the segue but he recovered quickly. He wore a formal pair of pants.

“You  told me you’d be in a casual attire.”

Her feminine cough was short and quiet. She began to realize something was amiss.

“Let’s get out of here,” he suggested quickly, waving the waiter in so he could pay the bill.

She stood up hurriedly. His idea made sense.

They vanished through the other exit of the restaurant, going inside the mall to continue their getting-to-know ritual.

Outside the restaurant, half hour later, two impatient individuals stood apart near the gate. They took turns staring at their watches. The woman in rugged jeans with a casual top glanced at the man in jeans. They seemed to share one thing in common: waiting for someone who would not arrive.



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