Silver Lining

Hello guys and gals!

Miss me? You would not believe how happy I am writing this online.

We have been ‘blessed’ with a series of ‘coincidences’ we had no power (pun intended) to overturn. It would seem our weekend was not the great vision we have expected.

Not only the sun introduced us to its fury by scorching us with above average high temperatures, we were ‘lucky’ the power utility decided to keep us guessing when would be the unscheduled outages. Lucky in a sense that it was not a whole day of penitence just like before.

What’s the chance that when there is power, there’s no internet connection? What if there was an outage and there was a good connection? Your guess is as good as mine.

I promised myself not get too ‘excited’ when these ‘mysterious phenomena’ occur. There are other people in this world who got worse headaches, or worst, nothing to eat at all.

Turn negatives to positives. I did that. And, even though I missed all of you out there, I was absolutely hopeful you had better days. That’s more gratifying for me to think about.

So, let’s do some blogging!



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